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Sherri helped us with many endeavors.

She sold a couple of houses for us, helped us buy a couple of houses and always offered us suggestions. She truly enjoys what she does and is an expert in real estate. That is probably why we kept asking for her help.

Don & Nanette Smith

It was a pleasure to work with Sherri.

She took a personal interest in us and looked for homes that fit our requirements. She promptly answered our questions and provided any information we requested. With her friendly, caring personality we always enjoyed her company. We respected her so much we referred two of our daughters who were also looking for homes. Sherri is very professional, and she has a genuine dedication to helping her clients.

Dr. Chuck & Judy Williams

Sherri's a superstar.

She helped us find just the right home for us and was extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process. Even when we had a small hiccup (the seller changed some flooring after accepting our bid), Sherri's steady hand got the issue resolved in our favor no time. She's prompt, professional and a pleasure to be around.

Jason & Julie Sickles

Sherri sold our house in 4 days and helped us close on a new home in 2 weeks.

You can't do that without an attentive agent. Sherri is easy to work with and she is very good at navigating the most unusual real estate negotiations. You will be so glad she is your agent.

Wendy & Mike Jorgensen

Sherri is such an excellent realtor.

We moved from CA to TX and were in an apartment. It took us awhile to find the right house but she was great throughout the entire search. She never rushed us, always gave great tips, and was super patient. It was easier for us to house search on weekends and she was more than accommodating. We had fun looking with her. She's very personable. Being first time home buyers, we're so glad to have had her help. My sister referred us to her and we're very happy she did. We always recommend Sherri to everyone and would definitely go with her again. She's amazing!!

Naghma & Bilal Farooqui

Sherri assisted us in the purchase of the above mentioned home in 2006.

The home was about to go into foreclosure and, as is often the case, the dealings with the bank went less than smoothly. However, Sherri worked closely with both us and the listing agent to make sure that we remained the 'squeaky wheel' in order to get the sale closed. Unfortunately, we were on a tight schedule and needed to have it closed before the start of the 2006 school year. Due to Sherri's diligence, we had a favorable outcome and enjoyed many happy years in the home. Sherri also assisted us in the purchase of a 1.5 acre lot in Prosper that was for sale by owner. We have since built on that lot and are very thankful that we had Sherri in our corner to make the transaction happen. I would highly recommend Sherri to assist in any of your real estate needs.

Cathy & Jon Yamamoto

Sherri did a FANTASTIC job of helping me find and buy my first house.

She was patient and knowledgeable and probably showed me 60 houses. We went through the paperwork process three times only to be told that someone else had submitted their paperwork first, but the fourth house I tried to buy was the one that was meant to be. Sherri was so helpful throughout the entire process and really calmed my nerves as a first-time homebuyer.

Kristy Watkins

“When we began our new home search and were out visiting new communities, Sherri Burlison found us.

As I think of how we came into contact with Sherri it brings a smile to my face because it was not an accident that we met her. My husband describes her as a go getter/hustler. She won us over at her initial introduction. My husband recognized her expertise instantly. We had worked with another realtor before meeting Sherri and that person was unable to get us on the right path to purchase a new home. To us, Sherri was an angel that came into our life at the right time. She picked us up and carried us throughout the whole process. First, she directed us to the right community to view homes that fit our financial needs. This was our first home to build and we did not realize the enormous amount of stress involved with the process. Throughout this stressful process Sherri has always left that door open for us to call her at anytime if we needed her. Sherri first exemplified her expertise as a realtor when we experienced issues with the color of our brick on our home as it turned out differently than what we had chosen. We felt we were not properly educated on the different options of the mortar and on how the color of the mortar selected would make such a huge difference in how the brick looks. We thought we were getting the same brick and mortar as the home we selected the brick from but we did not (they had buff mortar and we ended up with gray). To say we were not happy would be an understatement. Sherri stepped in and fought the fight for us. She started off first by talking to sales for the builder. Sales did not want to acknowledge that we were misinformed on what we were getting and had no resolution to offer. Sherri then reached out a management team member to make it right. My Angel, Sherri Burlison went to work to fight our battle and won. To compensate us for the misinformation provided by sales we were given stone accents on our new home at a discounted price. Thank You Mrs. Sherri Burlison for all your hard work. Thank you for not only being our advocate, but for being our counselor throughout the process. Go Sherri!!!! You are awesome! We love our new home and none of this would have been possible without you. “

Felicia & Darryl Patton

Sherri was totally amazing through our home purchase journey.

She was so supportive and very hands on. We were new to Texas and she hooked us up anyway that she could. She recommended services such as Mortgage servicing company, security company, etc. When we needed something or had questions, she had a solution or recommendation. When we did the final walkthrough of our home, she was there and advised us what to look out for. Even with the huge discount she gave us, she still ensured that she saw us through till the very end. At closing, she was there. We can’t find enough words to describe Sherri but the words diligent, dependable, loyal and committed certainly come to mind when we think of her. She is definitely someone you want in your court and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her again and again.

Ola & Kemi Ibikunle

“Sherri, thank you for all your help!

I really felt you were in my corner and fighting for me. Really appreciate you. I plan to be in this home a few years and will then be purchasing my next home with you.”

Clint Waller

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